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Rutgers Master Gardener Program

Rutgers Master Gardener Program. Rutgers Master Gardeners are trained volunteers who assist deliver horticulture programs and information to the general public in New Jersey under the direction of the Rutgers Master Gardener Coordinator in the county. Anyone with an interest in horticulture and a commitment to volunteer service can become a Rutgers Master Gardener. No previous education or training in horticulture is required.

What Do Rutgers Master Gardeners Do?

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Volunteers learn about horticulture, assist with answering questions from the public about horticulture-related topics, through the Rutgers Master Gardener Helpline, and work within their communities to educate the public on horticultural and natural resource issues through teaching events and horticultural educational demonstration sites.

Where Do Rutgers Master Gardeners Work?

Volunteers work throughout Gloucester County on various educational and outreach horticultural activities.

Upon completion of their training, Rutgers Master Gardeners are asked to volunteer 60 hours within one year of completing their training and 35 hours annually to remain as an active Rutgers Master Gardener.

Cooperative Extension of Gloucester County