School Wellness

FCHS: Family and Community Healthy Sciences. For more than 100 years, FCHS has partnered with New Jersey schools to bring food and nutrition education to youth, teachers, child nutrition professionals, administrators, and school nurses.

We know that, to be successful, a school wellness initiative should be creative, multi-dimensional, affordable, and manageable. As your local authority on school-based wellness programs, FCHS has the tools to help schools develop and implement innovative school wellness policies.

Photo: Student taste-testing offered through our GROW HEALTHY school wellness initiative. Our programs, curricula, and information:

  • Support schools in developing & implementing education plans that support the ESSA
  • Help schools meet common core and core curriculum content standards in areas such as health, science, math, language arts, and physical education
  • Are research- and evidenced-based
  • Are evaluated to demonstrate impact

We offer a range of services to improve the health and wellness of staff, students, families, and the school community:

  • Grow Healthy: FCHS' showcase school wellness initiative. Learn more about this garden-enhanced school wellness initiative for elementary schools.
  • Professional Development/Trainings (929k PDF) - FCHS offers professional training and development programs for school administrators, nurses, teachers, and nutrition/foodservice professionals.
  • Advisement on school wellness policies, their development, implementation, and evaluation
  • Educational and informational programs for parents, families, and communities
  • Staff wellness programs
  • PTA and PTO workshops
  • Community partnerships and alliances

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